Of Sound, and of Silence

Blue abstract sound wave type patterns on a black background.
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

The help is more available than the pain
This strikes me as I listen today
After spending some time letting words flow onto the page
The fearful mind has been exposed and witnessed to, and now it can be still
The help appears: available to me in my mind
Perfect in its simplicity, glorious in its breadth
Its breath moves through me and I recognise its melody
Resting in each pause with a true master’s understanding
Of sound, and of silence

Rest — internal, graceful
What is my lesson today?
What do I need to understand?
Where in my mind, in your mind, will you take me today?
This fiction is a classroom for the evolution of my soul
The rest appears; the help is the rest
The peace that passeth understanding every instant but now
I open into gratitude as the past is released into half-remembered patterns
Of sound, and of silence

The world itself is opening within my heart
There is nothing outside of the self I am in you
Everything is releasing and everything is available
All help, all rest, all peace, it is available to me now
You are the master that knows only giving all to all
You the one with perfect grace, perfect understanding
You the only path worth walking in the dreaming of this world
In the dreaming of colour and of darkness
Of sound, and of silence



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Holly Rose Thomas

Holly Rose Thomas

Singer/songwriter: This Film is Made by Me EP on all music platforms. Ever grateful for my ongoing love affair with A Course in Miracles. 🙏 🎶❤️